Restoring The Temple

# 2010-04-01
“Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God?
- I Corinthians 6:19

The “body-mind-spirit connection” has become a very familiar term in our culture during the past 10 years. There is a great deal of wisdom to be gained in the knowledge and understanding of this concept. However, as is often the case with any “new” body of knowledge that makes its way into our media, we can find ourselves bombarded by a plethora of conflicting “specifics” which may cause confusion rather than enlightenment. And when anything becomes the latest “buzz word” it can also become dismissed rather than embraced and its true significance and meaning becomes lost.

How can the body – mind-spirit connection enhance our understanding of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ? In what ways might it shed light on the message that He came to bring? How would our understanding of this concept at a deeper, more spiritual level increase not only our overall health and quality of life, but also our ability to live into our faith as true disciples of Jesus Christ?

Our physical and spiritual lives are integrally related to each other in such a manner that they cannot be legitimately separated. The human body is perfectly designed to give virtually unlimited expression to every facet of the spiritual identity known as the soul. There is nothing about the body that cannot be related to some spiritual aspect.

The spirit reacts upon the body and the body reacts with the spirit; and the fitness of each directly impacts the functional efficiency of the sacred unity thereby created, and known as the “human being”.

This program is designed to give new insight into the incredibly wondrous and spiritual “machine” God has given us in the human body, to honor it as a true temple for the spirit which resides therein, and to increase our reverence for that spirit within each of us.

By exploring more closely five aspects of our “being”- the physical, emotional, chemical/nutritional, environmental and spiritual, we will begin to see specific ways by which each of these areas affect and interact with all of the others. You will be introduced to a variety of practices, ideas and tools which can afford nurture and care for each of these important pieces of who we are- continually moving us toward wholiness.

This program is offered in several different group formats.

Group Formats

2 1/2 hour Introductory program – offers a basic understanding of how all of our bodily systems are related, an introduction to each of the five elements of health and how they work together ,touches on the impact our response to stress has on each of these elements and introduces practices that may be helpful in each area.

6 hour full day program expands on each of the above topics with a deeper explanation of stress and our response to it, and a more in depth look at a greater number of practices, therapies and tools to help us in our movement toward wholiness

12 hour program, presented in 6 weekly 2 hour sessions. In this format we delve more deeply into our understanding of each of the five aspects ( physical, emotional, chemical/nutritional, environmental, spiritual), stress response, and practices etc. This format also gives each participant specific tools and guidance to personalize this information and apply it to their unique individual needs and situations.