Eating in Eden

Eating in Eden

Food glorious food!

We love it-we need it- we struggle with it- we enjoy it-we obsess over it-we are confused by it-we crave it-we avoid it-we judge it-we judge ourselves by it-we see it as a source of nourishment-we see it as a problem-it brings us peace and comfort-it brings us conflict and guilt.

Our relationship with food mirrors to us our relationship with life itself. And so it has been, it seems, since the beginning of time. One of Western civilization’s most fundamental Creation stories tells of Adam and Eve living in paradise, where all that they needed ( including every imaginable kind of plant for food) was provided for them. They lived in a blissful state. Yet when they ate that which was not intended for them, bliss disappeared and was replaced with guilt, shame, fear. While this may be the Creation story most familiar to many of us, the allegory of food and eating in regard to mankind’s original paradisiac state and fall from it, appears in Creation stories from many different cultures and religions around the world.

Eating and living are fully intertwined. Changing the way we eat can truly change the way we live. Changing the way we see life and live it will also change the way we relate to food. The good news for us in this is that when change is desired, each of us is free to choose where and how we would like to begin. Yet in order to make those choices we must first have both information and understanding of how it all works together. We must also then begin to acquire those skills that will allow us to put our understanding into practice.

This program includes didactic teaching, experiential exercises, reflective questions and weekly practices to be integrated into the daily pattern of your life. As you gain deeper knowledge and understanding, you become more empowered to choose the ways in which you nourish your body and spirit based, not on the latest best seller or newest diet craze but on eternal universal principles and your own inner wisdom.

The life aspects that we will discuss and synthesize into a wholiness perspective will include:

  • The “marriage” of body and spirit and their mutual dependency on one another
  • Body Image/Self-Image
  • The quest for the perfect diet
  • Whole Person Eating-who, what, why, when, where and how
  • Digestion-a physical and spiritual process
  • The importance and impact of the five senses
  • Meditation, Visualization and Imagery
  • Exercise physiology/psychology
  • Breath as bridge for body and spirit
  • Attuning to the cosmic rhythms
  • How does stress fit in-and what is stress anyway?
  • The biology of belief
  • The power of sacred nourishment

We will close our twelve weeks together by creating and sharing an agape feast based in the principles and practices we have come to know and by celebrating the unique spiritual community we have become during this time.

While most people enjoy the interactive aspect of learning in a community setting, there are those who benefit more from working in a one-on-one relationship. Through private counseling and guidance, the content of this program can be tailored to meet your individual needs and life situation.