Dance as Personal Prayer, Praise, and Worship

Dance as Personal Prayer, Praise, and Worship

Rhythm lies at the heart of all creatures and creation. We see it in the movements of the planets, the phases of the moon, the cycle of the seasons and the ocean waves breaking on the shore.

As part of Godís creation each of us, likewise has a personal rhythm, intended to harmonize with all the rhythms of Godís wondrous universe.

In this 21/2 hour workshop ** we will work with the synchronization of breath and heartbeat, the sounds of nature, music and movement. You will become acquainted with your own inner rhythms and find encouragement to respond to them without inhibition in the freedom of the dance expression.

As you continue to grow towards more uninhibited dance expression in praise to God you will also :

  • Grow toward harmonization and at-one-ment with all life and creation not only in the dance but at all times.
  • Gain confidence in the uniqueness of your own individual dance expression , regardless of technique or training.
  • Begin to recognize the the tremendous unplumbed depths of your true nature as a woman created by God.

** this workshop is also available as a full day exploration