Calm Your Koshas

A six week introduction to yoga based stress management

Calm your Koshas workshopThe body, mind, spirit connection is no longer viewed as theory but is seen as evidence-based scientific fact. The impact of lifestyle, life practices and the effects of the stress response on every aspect of our well-being is also now accepted by almost all health and wellness disciplines.

The ancient spiritual science of Vedanta recognized these realities as well. These ancients created a map of the many facets of the human being, which they called Koshas, and identified how the practices of yoga could ultimately unite all of these facets in our center, our true nature—which is divine love, joy and the peace that passes understanding.

This class will introduce you to yogic practices and principles inherent to our true nature and is therefore designed to restore balance and wholeness, reducing the stress response at every level. Each 90 minute class includes a teaching on each kosha and how to work with that information , breath work, asana , guided imagery/ meditation and deep relaxation.