With humility ( an open heart and mind)
                    we embrace the sacred study of yoga

Therapeutic YogaThe above is Patanjali’s first yoga sutra as translated by Nichala Joy Devi in her book The Secret Power of Yoga.  Her belief, as well as the belief of many who practice yoga, is that as we fully embrace all that yoga has to offer we may ultimately arrive at the point of knowledge that we are not just our bodies, our fluctuating minds or emotions- we are divine beings-and that “secret” once uncovered can fill us with true power- the power of love, peace, joy, and all of the highest virtues of heaven itself.

At Expressions Unlimited  we see yoga as one path that can shed light on our true nature and be instrumental in our healing of body, mind and spirit, moving us closer to our union with God ,self , others and creation. We offer a variety of yoga classes and programs. All yoga programs are facilitated by Phyllis Pomerleau  R.Y.T. Check our site frequently for updates and new additions.

Ongoing Gentle Yoga Classes at The Gathering Inn in Hubbardston MA –Tuesday’s  9:00 a.m.  See their website for class description and full schedule.


A six week introduction to yoga based stress management. This class will introduce you to yogic principles inherent to our true nature. As we learn to put these principles into practice we find ourselves moving toward balance and wholeness, reducing the stress response at every level. Each 90 minute class includes a teaching on one kosha , how to incorporate the information into your life, breath work, asana, guided imagery/meditation and deep relaxation.

Incorporating the elements of whole person health with the eight limbs of yoga we will work together to design a personal home practice for the overall well being of your body, mind and spirit. This practice will be tailored to your unique needs and situation,designed to grow and change as you do.
Therapeutic Yoga is a synthesis of healing modalities – gentle yoga, restorative yoga, breathwork, guided imagery, meditation and hands-on-healing – which create an environment that supports body, mind and spirit in the experience of deep relaxation, where natural healing can take place.