What We Believe

Our Vision

God’s Kingdom-here in Earth as it is in the Heavens

Our Beliefs

The beliefs and convictions of Expressions Unlimited are many and can not be given here in detail but may be summarized by the following:

  • The acknowledgement of God as Supreme Being-Divine Mind-Great Heart of Love and Creator of all.
  • The recognition of the dual nature of the Divine Godhead- Father-Mother of Creation-God and Goddess of all that lives and has being.
  • The acceptance of Jesus Christ as Savior of the world , as revealed through His sacrifice on , and victory over the cross.
  • The acceptance of Jesus Christ as a personal Savior , who, through His ministry and example revealed the Way, the Life and the Truth  to all who have faith in Him and who leads us in the paths of salvation from man-made limitations and all worldly illusions.
  • The mission and true message of Christ was not fully grasped and understood. The influence of the Fall of Mankind and the ensuing  Great Illusion  which followed  has resulted in human, rather than Divine , interpretations of  sacred scriptures and Christ Truth. Hence the confusions of divided faiths and churches and the endless and fruitless debates among these divisions.
  • The Great Illusion exists within the mind of mankind and the essence of sin lies in distorted concepts and erroneous thinking patterns which have accumulated since the Fall and have obliterated the true nature and purpose of Life and Creation.
  • The revelation of God’s will to humanity by the power of God’s Holy Spirit communicating through the media of the human mind and spirit  has been found in virtually every known religion of man throughout time.  We believe it continues today.  No man ever turned his face upward in search of his God in vain.
  • All divinely inspired faiths, religions, and philosophies , therefore, have  elements of Divine Truth and Wisdom which must be  embraced and not rejected if we are to grow in our understanding  of the culmination of Truth  as revealed through Jesus Christ.
  • Woman represents the Feminine Element of the Godhead and possesses a uniquely spiritual nature which embraces the qualities of love, beauty, grace, peace, mercy and all the highest virtues of Heaven itself.  It is to be cultivated for the good of all mankind.
  • Man represents the Male Element of the Godhead and has been given dominion over and stewardship of the Earth.
  • Love is the very essence of the Divine Godhead .  The power of God is the power of love- and there is no power that can stand or prevail against it.  Love, therefore is the only answer to any problem.
  • Recognition of the necessity of learning to live by the standards of Eternity rather than by the temporal man-made standards of the world.