Programs & Workshops

This page gives a short description of some of the group programs and workshops offered by Expressions Unlimited. If you would like to bring one of these programs to your home, church, workplace or other facility please contact us for group pricing, and scheduling information.

For a more detailed description of each program please click on the title. Check this page often as new programs are added frequently.


A six week introduction to yoga based stress management. This class will introduce you to yogic principles inherent to our true nature. As we learn to put these principles into practice we find ourselves moving toward balance and wholeness, reducing the stress response at every level. Each 90 minute class includes a teaching on one kosha , how to incorporate the information into your life, breath work, asana, guided imagery/meditation and deep relaxation.

Rhythm lies at the heart of all creatures and creation. As a part of God’s creation we, too, have a personal rhythm , created to harmonize with all the rhythms of God’s wondrous universe. In this workshop we will work with the synchronization of breath and heartbeat to identify our own unique individual rhythm. Integrating this rhythm with music, movement and the sounds of nature you will become more intimately acquainted with your own inner rhythm and find encouragement to respond to it freely through dance expression.

A 12 week program to inspire transformation of your relationship to body and spirit and the ways to nourish both. Our relationship with food often mirrors to us our relationship with life itself. Changing the way we eat can change the way we live. Changing the way we see life and live it can also change the way we relate to food.

This program includes didactic teaching, experiential exercises and weekly practices that can be integrated into daily living, empowering you to make choices about how you nourish your body and spirit based on eternal universal principles and your own inner wisdom.

The Grief grief_sm.png Recovery Outreach Program is a twelve-week program which creates a safe environment in which to look at old beliefs about dealing with loss; to look at what losses have affected your life; and to take new actions which lead to completion of the pain attached each of those losses.

If you would like to see dance incorporated as a form of worship in your church community, Expressions Unlimited would like to work with you toward that goal. We offer several program formats, each of which can be tailored to meet the needs and desires of your particular congregation. We have more than 25 years of dance ministry experience, working with children and adults of all ages and abilities.

There are many similarities between the teachings of yoga and the teachings of Jesus Christ. In this 12 week class we will explore some of the parallels in yogic scripture and the Christian bible. We will look at how this study may give us fresh insights into the life, ministry and example of Jesus Christ. We will also explore how we might apply what we learn to our own faith walk as seekers of truth and light on the evolutionary path back to our primal state of being- created in God’s image and likeness. Along with didactic teaching and interactive dialogue each weekly 90 minute class will include asana practice as well as breathing exercises and ending relaxation.

“ Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit,
who is in you, whom you have received from God?”
- I Corinthians 6:19

The human body is perfectly designed to give virtually unlimited expression to every facet of the spiritual identity known as the soul. This program offers new insights into the incredibly wondrous ‘machine’ God has given us in the human body encouraging us to honor it as a true temple for the spirit which resides therein and increasing our reverence for that spirit within each of us.