Health and Healing

Though there are many paths at the foot of the mountain                       
all who reach the top see the same moon.

Health and HealingWe are all healing and striving to move toward the fullness of our being on some level. We all desire to live a life of harmony, love, peace, joy – grounded in an ability to freely express our true authentic self physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually-without limitation. We yearn to feel fully alive and fully connected to our Creator, to ourselves, and to every aspect of humanity and creation.

Yet the path that will bring any one individual into the fullness of their true nature will be as unique as the individual soul who seeks it.  At Expressions Unlimited we hope to serve as guides- to assist you in finding your own unique pathway toward wholiness. We offer an ever expanding variety of services, programs, workshops and classes . We invite you to explore our entire  website and see if there is anything that might be right for  you  at this point in your own evolution.  We look forward to serving you in whatever way we can.

Whole Health Coaching

Whole Health Coaching is a dynamic partnership between coach and client designed to educate, inspire, motivate and care for the whole person. It promotes a thorough understanding of whole person health and the integrative health care model. Health coaching provides skills, tools, and knowledge to help you see the whole picture of your health and well-being, empowering you to make changes that will enhance your quality of life.  

  • Help you clarify your short term and long term health and wellness goals
  • Assist you in developing a personalized plan for moving toward health and wholeness
  • Guide you in  initiating,and sustaining behaviors, lifestyle practices and attitudes that are conducive to your optimal well-being
  • Assist you in reducing the negative impact made on your life by chronic conditions of body, mind or spirit.

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A 12 week program to inspire transformation of your relationship to body and spirit and the ways to nourish both. Our relationship with food often mirrors to us our relationship with life itself. Changing the way we eat can change the way we live. Changing the way we see life and live it can also change the way we relate to food.

This program includes didactic teaching, experiential exercises and weekly practices that can be integrated into daily living, empowering you to make choices about how you nourish your body and spirit based on eternal universal principles and your own inner wisdom.

“ Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit,
who is in you, whom you have received from God?”
- I Corinthians 6:19

The human body is perfectly designed to give virtually unlimited expression to every facet of the spiritual identity known as the soul. This program offers new insights into the incredibly wondrous ‘machine’ God has given us in the human body encouraging us to honor it as a true temple for the spirit which resides therein and increasing our reverence for that spirit within each of us.