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About Chris

Social work is a profession for those with a strong desire to help improve people’s lives. As such it was a good profession for Chris as a young college graduate. It was her ongoing work as a church musician and minister of music, however , that provided the impetus to strive toward a deeper understanding of the spiritual element and its impact on one’s overall quality of life. These combined quests have led to the discovery of a great number of practices and programs that have greatly enhanced Chris’ own well-being. Each step in her own growth and evolution rekindles the desire to help improve the lives of others by sharing what she has learned along the way. Music continues to play a primary role in her life. Chris is a gifted pianist and piano teacher. She also embraces music as a principle source of healing and wholeness and incorporates it as such in the programs that she offers.


About Phyllis

Phyllis’ interest in health and wholeness began in childhood. She began her formal training and service in this area by choosing a career in nursing. Continuing to study in a number of related fields, she has also worked as a health and fitness instructor and , along with Chris, offered therapeutic expressive arts to hospitalized children. Phyllis is a dancer at heart and has studied dance for most of her adult life. She believes there is no dichotomy between body and spirit and has been involved in Sacred Dance Ministry for over 25 years. Believing in the interconnectedness of all Creation and the eternal nature of growth and development, she seeks continually to expand her own understanding of God, Creation, love, life, humanity …and self through ongoing education, study and life experience. Phyllis is a Certified Whole Health Educator and Whole Health Coach and a Registered Yoga Teacher with a concentration in the therapeutic aspects of yoga for body, mind and spirit.